Tick season has arrived in Ohio and your horse is not immune to them.  Check his or her legs for the little critters.  If a mane or tail touches the grass when they graze, check there too.  The ticks will usually climb as high as they can before they dig in and feed.  Favorite places are in arm pits, on the crest, and anywhere on the tail bone.  A tick in the tail is a really reasonable excuse to rub the daylights out of that tail.  Insect repellent appled to the legs and long hair will help control the little blighters.  Someone also suggested that a liberal application of Showsheen can help.  Another suggestion that has been presented is the application of Pam (the cooking spray) to  the legs seems to help...I don't know if the ticks dislike the material or if it actually prevents them from climbing aboard.  It's inexpensive, and might be worth a try.


Keep a heads up for West Nile Virus.  Here in Ohio they say that of the mosquitos harvested and tested, they are getting a record number of positives....so far I have not heard that that has translated into more horses being affected with the disease in the area, but that is always a posibility.  I would not risk not vaccinating against it.


There was a pony  in the Dayton Ohio area that came up with a positive on his Coggins test.  The poor little fellow was not ill, but was deemed a carrier.  He has since been euthanized and all of the other horses at his barn have tested negative after quarentine. 


The droughty weather has put pressure on the local hay suppliers.  Hay prices have jumped already.  Please plan ahead for this winter! 


Hang in there - at least it's not snowing (hah - those may be famous last words!)





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