Dec 5, 2019
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Absorbine Hoof Polish

Absorbine Hoof PolishAbsorbine Hoof Polish produces a fast drying, high gloss finish. 8 oz. bottle with dauber

Fiebing's Hoof Polish

Fiebing's Hoof PolishFiebing's Water Based Hoof Polish dries bright in moments.  Can be removed quickly and easily with soap and water. 8 oz. bottle with dauber 

Horseshoer's Secret Hoof Sealant

Horseshoer's Secret Hoof SealantHorseshoer's Secret Hoof Sealant blocks out harsh environmental conditions, helping maintain proper hoof health.  It will aid in the prevention of cracks in hot, dry conditions ...

Mustad Tuff Stuff

Mustad Tuff StuffTuff Stuff toughens shod or unshod hooves, aids in moisture retention, and strengthens soft or mushy hooves.  It can be used as a show cosmetic in the place of traditional ...

Pine Tar

Pine TarPine Tar is used in a variety of applications to restore healthy hooves.  Inert ingredients do  not exceed 2% moisture.  1 pt can

Rain Maker

Rain MakerRain Maker triple action hoof moisturizer and conditioner with aloe, helps restore and condition damaged hooves with a healthy balance of moisture.

Ultra Hoof Polish Enhancer

Ultra Hoof Polish EnhancerUltra Hoof Polish Enhancer dries to a hard, protective, high gloss, acrylic finish withing minutes.  It can be used over (dry) hoof polish or as the only dressing on the ...

Ultra Hoof Polish Remover

Ultra Hoof Polish RemoverUltra Hoof Polish Remover can be sprayed on a cloth to safely remove hoof polish from hooves and a variety of other surfaces. 18 oz. aerosol


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